Cecile from Texas

"I heard recently that you, Sharon, are coming to our church in Mckinney, TX for our ladies retreat! I was thrilled! 8 years ago we lost our son, Mark. It was nothing like losing a 16 year old but to hold that 11lb. baby boy and to never know what color his eyes would have been was devastating. I e-mailed you, Chuck, and you were so kind and compassionate. You were incredibly encouraging to my husband and I. We read your book and I was even feeling the need to share our story with others. We discovered how difficult it was to find others who could relate. Since then we have faced more devastation, but His mercy overpowered it all! We have grown immensely in faith, and I continue to feel Him gently prodding me to either write or just share our story to encourage others. I am so excited to meet you Sharon! I still feel that He is wanting me to use our experiences to help others, but I don't know how or when. Continuing to pray about it will give me that answer and listening to you on the 20th will be inspiring!
Looking forward to it!"