Kerry from Illinois

"Hi, Pastor Betters. It's your long distance son, Kerry from Chicago. Just wanted to both thank you and encourage you for, once again, preaching...There have been many tears shed in my life since that time, but those sermons and your Romans 9 teachings have kept me in ways only God can explain. I am categorically comforted in my trials every time I think about those scriptures. It is impossible for me to miss God's timing or his destiny for my life....I am in tears as I write this email, because I feel like you've been God's angel sent to me for these past long and weary 4 years. And you will continue to be my angel and top go to preacher until I meet my divine destiny. I love you....Your preaching gift and delivery style has impacted my life, and you are one of those people who helped make a radical change in my spiritual walk and theological thought-base. Now and for years to come, when people ask me, "When did God really give you an understanding of who he is character-wise, and experientially?”, I'll say without hesitation "When he introduced me to Dr. Chuck Betters of MARKINC. I'll remember you until I'm 100 years old, God willing I live that long. Take care"