Comment from Jeanette

I think anyone who offers up their lives willingly to Christ, asking Him to use us for His glory, for His Kingdom, will ultimately be given trials and tribulations. Without them, we're weak. Without the suffering, we're left with little personal reference to the awesome power and sovereignty of God over our lives. I realize that the day I surrendered my life to Christ - fully desiring to be used by Him for His purposes, I became exposed to more trials. But through them, I became more exposed to His spiritual truths. More exposed to His miraculous intervention. More aware of His presence and the presence of angels....along with the presence of the enemy. He taught me to fight... and through the battles made me stronger, braver, more trusting of His faithfulness. He never left me. And He never will. And I learned that HIS name can still cast out demons. His name can still set a captive free. His name is more powerful than any name, any enemy ever created. His blood is more powerful than any weapon formed against us. He IS always sovereign over our lives so long as we submit to Him daily. I learned to cling to Him in the darkness....I learned that to Him- there is no difference between night and day. In His presence, we can always find protection, deliverance, and peace. Thank you for your ministry Pastor Betters, and thank you for always being faithful to God's Word. Love & prayers for you and your family! God bless!