God Will Make a Way

Our son, Chuck, shared a FB post about three songs that have made a spiritual and emotional impact on him. "God Will Make a Way" is one of them – from his post:

"'You made a way when there was no way' is related to my parents. When we lost Mark there was a song called 'God Will Make a Way.' I remember coming home one day to find my Mom clutching my brother’s picture, on a ball on the floor, sobbing, with this song blaring. But God made a way when there was no way...and keeps making a way when there seems to be no way. Again and again."

Songs have a way of taking us back in time to specific memories: some glorious, others excruciating. I first heard "God Will Make a Way" the spring of 1993 as I drove by myself to a speaking engagement in Baltimore. The music captured my heart and I listened to it over and over again. On the way back home, I cried through each song, moved by the powerful promise of the simple words. Little did I know God was planting seeds of hope through music in preparation for the summer of 1993, when our son Mark and his friend Kelly would be in a fatal car accident. When I'm exhausted by grief and unable to read Scripture, music burrows its way into my soul, bringing needed comfort and strength. "God Will Make a Way" was one of those messengers of hope.

Chuck also mentioned "Great is Thy Faithfulness," because of the connection to my mother, his Grandmother:

"The phrase 'great is thy faithfulness' is related to my Grandmother, one of the best friends I have ever had, as we sang the hymn with the same name at her memorial service almost two decades ago. When I speak to the younger-generation cousins in my family, and my own kids, I am amazed that they never or barely knew her, and I know she would have loved them...they are all right up her alley." Great is His faithfulness.

God graciously allowed many of our family members to gather around my mother’s bed when she was taking her last breaths, and one of my sisters started singing hymns. I can’t sing those hymns today without thankfulness for the legacy of faith, and the sure confidence that one day His faithfulness has already prepared me for the moment I, too, step into Heaven.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful, so thankful, for the legacy of faith our family enjoys. I’m thankful that morning by morning, new mercies I see, that all I have needed He has provided. I’m thankful that God does make a way in the wilderness where there seems to be no way. I’m thankful for Jesus, that He doesn’t wait for me to find Him. He finds me and in the darkness He shines the light that leads to Him.

Ever since reading Chuck’s FB post, I’ve been humming "God Will Make a Way" or "Great is Thy Faithfulness."

I hope you have the same message of grace stuck in your head. If you’re having a hard time being thankful this season, listen to these songs and ask the Lord to open your heart to His faithfulness, and sure promise that He makes a way in the wilderness.

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