Warrior Women - Help and Hope

There are times in each of our lives when we need someone ahead of us in the journey, someone we can turn to with questions, confusion, hurts, disappointments and even our tears. Sometimes we don't even know what to say or how to describe our feelings or we're too embarrassed to or ashamed to even reach out. 

In this inspirational Warrior Woman series, you will meet women who know what that feels like.


These are stories from the hearts of women engaged in warfare and they don't want anyone on the same battlefield to feel alone. Some of them battle publicly, many privately. 

None of these women see themselves as extraordinary. They don't consider themselves warriors. Yet each one had to make hard decisions when faced with unexpected calamity, pain inflicted by others, terrifying diagnoses, shattered dreams or consequences because of their own choices. These women ultimately chose life, to push their behavior through a worldview that requires dying to self when everything inside cries out for other pathways. When asked how they face the struggles of each day, they mention weapons that are similar. These Warrior Women are guides for those coming behind them. They are calling back that you can face fear, broken places, rejection, addiction, disease, loss that feels unbearable, grief, and other dark times with courage, determination, grit and hope. 

In the next few months we will be interviewing more women who have and are facing enormous life crises with courage, strength, and determination to experience all that God has for them in this life. Their stories will inspire listeners to "keep on keeping on" in their own life journeys.

As you are introduced to "new friends" through this series, we hope you will share these resources with friends and through social media. Take time to browse through the entire Help and Hope Audio Library where you will find numerous resources that address life crises that are often experienced in isolation.

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In His grip,

Sharon Betters