Purpose in the Afternoon of Life


How intentional are you about the next season of life? And when should you start planning for that season?

Is there a difference between growing up and growing old? How can we intentionally grow up as we grow old?

Is there a way to prepare for the empty nest?

What are some ways to let go of our young adult children but still hold on?

Will the way I live life in my younger years work in the older years?

Carl Jung, a secular psychiatrist whose mentor was Sigmund Freud said that there should be colleges for people heading into the afternoon of life, just as there are colleges for young adults. Is the afternoon of life that different that we actually need to purposefully prepare for that season?

I asked myself these questions in preparation for teaching this workshop on living purposefully, on purpose, in the afternoon of life. I learned so much that is helping me be more intentional about living life with purpose, even though my activities have changed.

I hope you not only enjoy listening, but that you’ll also take away some practical encouragement for how to live with purpose on purpose in the afternoon of life.


Workshop taught by Sharon Betters at Transformed Philadelphia, September, 2016:

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