MARKINC In Motion!

“I’m floored, but God is not surprised.”

As Chuck is slowly recovering from the surprising serious surgical complications, I’ve had more time to process that statement. (See my "I'm Floored, But Not Surprised" blog post). Another way of stating this truth is:

“God is sovereign and I can trust Him.”

Mark Betters

Mark Betters

When we lost our son Mark, my response to God’s sovereignty was not immediate trust and comfort. I wrestled to reconcile His love with His sovereignty. Mark’s death catapulted me into a wrestling with the core values of my faith until I finally concluded I needed to focus on what I know about God, not on what I do not know. What I know is that just as God is absolutely sovereign, He is absolute love.  And that is what keeps me walking forward.

As I stayed by Chuck’s side throughout this medical ordeal, there was a quiet comfort in knowing that my perfect Father was holding him safely in His grip.

I thought about how I felt when my earthly father’s presence created an emotional and mental safety in the middle of fearful circumstances. My father was a man of few words, but his presence exuded control, authority, wisdom, strength. He never believed a situation was impossible, encouraging us to trust the Lord. In the past month, I’ve felt that same father presence in the middle of uncertainty.

MARKINC Ministries showcases that sovereign love with everything we do. Every day the message that God is sovereign and we can trust Him goes out over radio airwaves and through the internet. Every one of our Help and Hope interviews ends with the interviewee encouraging listeners that though the life journey is often painful, God is sovereign and we can trust Him. Check out our 2016 Annual Report to get a better picture of many of the ways we are offering help and hope.

Click to learn more about this event and to register for your FREE ticket!

Click to learn more about this event and to register for your FREE ticket!

Celebrate!! MARKINC in Motion!Join us at our FREE MARKINC In Motion Spring Benefit on June 8, where Chuck and I will introduce you to radio talk show host Peter Rosenberger, author of Hope for Caregivers and co-founder of Standing With Hope. (For more on Peter, read my blog post from last week.) 

Chuck interviewed Peter just before Chuck’s surgery. Peter’s candor and humor about his lifelong experiences as a care giver for his beautiful wife, Gracie, helped ready us for the unexpected medical crises Chuck would soon experience. We are looking forward to spending an evening with friends as we celebrate MARKINC in Motion! Join us!

In His grip,