A Wounded and Broken Bride

“I couldn’t find anything in the Bible about a man taking care of his broken bride. How could I know how to care for my beautiful bride, whose body was broken in a devastating car accident when she was 17?  78 surgeries. Loss of both of her legs. Excruciating pain 24/7.  I was 22 years old when we were married. Years later as I struggled with the reality that I could not fix my beautiful wife, I realized that all of Scripture was my text book for this calling. Jesus shows me how to love Gracie by the way He is loving His beautiful, wounded broken Bride. I couldn’t fix her. But I could love her.”

This truth was spoken by Peter Rosenberger, author of Help for the Caregiver and other books and our featured speaker at our MARKINC in Motion Spring Benefit. It didn’t take us long to realize he may have missed his calling as a comedian, as he used laughter to showcase poignant take home points like this one in his message.

Gracie and Peter have captured my heart as I have shared in other blog posts (Warrior Women, Through it AllLost Your Voice, and MARKINC in Motion). We will release both of their interviews (Chuck interviewed Peter about Care Giving and I interviewed Gracie for our Warrior Woman series) during November, Caregiving Month. In the meantime, buy their books! And allow this piece to wash over you with peace and comfort:


Through Peter’s message, we remember that each one of us is part of that messy, broken, wounded Bride of Christ. Each one of us is called to love the other messy, broken, wounded people who make up the Bride of Christ. Peter claims to be the crash dummy for care givers, admitting he has made every care giving mistake, so along with the model of Jesus’ love, we’re grateful to know this same Servant-Savior offers grace upon grace when we fall short in loving the way He loves. Since our event, I’ve thought a lot about that truth in the context of my life, and I’m so grateful for those who love me through the heart of Jesus when I’ve covered with messiness. Remembering my own brokenness helps transform my attitude toward other messy people. I want to be that kind of “lover of others” for the wounded Bride, whether in my own household, or people I’ve never met. I fall short so often. Again, I’m grateful for grace.

Our MARKINC team is humbled and amazed by the giving of people in response to our MARKINC in Motion event. The Lord moved people to give almost $100,000 toward our goal of $120,000. These gifts are from people, but they are also “love notes” from the Lord, encouraging us to “keep on keeping on” in our quest to offer help and hope designed to turn hearts toward Jesus. How grateful this part of the wounded and messy Bride of Christ is, for the privilege of sharing His love with others through the platform of MARKINC Ministries.

In His grip,


Sharon BettersComment