Lost Your Voice?

Since Chuck’s surgery on May 2, I’ve entered a world well known by millions of people who care for loved ones that often cannot care for themselves. My role as a care giver for Chuck during this medical crisis is teaching me much about myself but more about Jesus. My experience as a care giver is temporary, compared to the calling of people like Peter Rosenberger, author of Hope for Caregivers. I see Chuck improving every day and I’ve often told him there is no Plan B. He will get better!

Many people in the role of care giver do not have that hope. The whole of their lives focuses on protecting their loved one, on navigating the foreign country of our medical system, trying to insert some kind of normalcy into their lives. Peter Rosenberger shares in his book that he realized as a newly married young man  that caring for Gracie, his beautiful wife was his calling. Yes, every married couple has that calling, but by marrying Gracie, Peter accepted the primary role as Care Giver for a young woman whose body had been broken by a devastating car accident when she was 17 years old. Peter calls himself the crash dummy for care givers, admitting he has made every mistake in the book during the past thirty years as a care giver.

I met Peter and Gracie through their book, Gracie, Standing with Hope, and was immediately captured by their story of love, passion for Jesus and determination to make their lives count for him, no matter how broken Gracie’s body. Gracie ultimately became a double amputee, yet she learned how to snow ski. I recently watched videos of Gracie on her skis trudging up a snow-covered mountain and knew I needed her in my life. Talking to Gracie fills me with hope and renewed determination to make sure I refuse to “sweat the small stuff!” We cannot wait to share their Help and Hope stories with you.

In this video, Peter encourages care givers not to lose their voices as they give their whole lives to caring for their loved one.


In the second video, Peter exhorts care givers that their service for their loved ones is not for the purpose of thanks, but for the motive of love.


As I’ve listened to Gracie and Peter I conclude that what they share about care giving can be applied to every one that Jesus has called to die to self. Dying to self, Jesus says, is the only way to live. Whether we are caring for someone who is medically challenged, a houseful of babies, a wounded teenager, a discouraged husband, a broken friend, recognize that God has placed you on a platform where you can discover what it really means to live, as your interactions continually drive you to the Cross to find grace for your journey. Remember the uniqueness of your own personality and gift mix and ask the Lord to show you how to maintain that uniqueness, that “voice,”  as you serve Him as care giver to the people in your life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Peter’s story in his own words. Whether you are one of the millions of people who are “official care givers” or one who is giving care to others because of Jesus, you will be encouraged and inspired by the special FREE MARKINC in Motion night on June 8. Make your reservation by clicking this link. 

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Register for MARKINC in Motion


Chuck and I are looking forward to seeing lots of old and new friends on Thursday, June 8. Enjoy this special gift from MARKINC Ministries.

In His grip,


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