Debbie Kahler – Warrior Woman

A simple FB Message posted by Debbie Kahler’s family humbled us:

We are packing up Debbie's things - clothes, jewelry, accessories, etc. and having a yard sale on August 19th, starting at 8 am. All profits will be donated to MARKINC in memory of Debbie.

Debbie and I in the recording studio recording her  Help and Hope  interview   Ovarian Cancer: The Constant Battle

Debbie and I in the recording studio recording her Help and Hope interview Ovarian Cancer: The Constant Battle

Debbie Kahler, Warrior Woman. Debbie Kahler, joyful lover of Jesus. Debbie Kahler, beloved wife and mother. Debbie Kahler, trusted friend. Debbie Kahler, passionate about sharing her love for Jesus. Debbie Kahler, unending joy.

Memories of my studio time with Debbie washed over me. More prepared than anyone I had ever interviewed, Debbie still struggled to share her personal battle against cancer, determined to force her chemo-brain to articulate her love for Jesus in the middle of the battlefield. What should have taken an hour, lasted almost two. We stopped several times as Debbie and I both cried over her struggle to share how others could experience the same help and hope Jesus gave her. Debbie was never at a loss for words, but in this setting she could not articulate her story in the way that she wanted.

I offered to stop the interview and finish it later. She refused and said she needed to do it that day. We prayed twice, still tears and frustration. Chuck stopped by the studio as we were trying to muddle through. He prayed for the person who would one day hear her story and that He would give her the words that person would need. Finally, the Lord spoke through Debbie and we finished the interview, both of us exhausted and laughing and crying, knowing He had pushed back the enemy. Debbie wanted a permanent record of her relationship to Jesus, one that her family could share with “generations to come, those yet unborn” and one that revealed the cause for her unending joy. Stephen L’Italien, our editor, worked his magic and created a resource that we have distributed to over a thousand of people as of today. That is just the beginning of how far Debbie's story will be heard.

For those who do not know Debbie Kahler, in 2009, Debbie was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, a disease that strikes fear in the hearts of anyone familiar with its deadly prognosis. Over the next few years, Debbie battled this virulent disease while watching her mother and her mother-in-love lose their battles against the same disease. Debbie now says she added “cancer fighter” to her job description as she continued to pursue treatment that extended her life in a way that enabled her to enjoy her family and friends. Debbie longed for others to experience the same joy in Jesus that she had as she battled this despicable enemy.

Not long after our interview, Debbie admitted she was weary of the battle, and treatment options dried up. Debbie was united with her beloved Jesus in June, 2017. 

Most people would respond with despair to such tragic losses, tempted to give in to the fear of losing their own battles. Yet that is not the message of Debbie’s journey. Listeners will agree that Debbie is a Warrior Woman, a woman who faced life’s challenges with faith, grit and determination to experience joy and purpose. It is such a privilege to continue to share the help and hope of Jesus through Debbie’s story. We are confident Debbie’s story will help equip you for your own life journey, no matter what your circumstances.

Many thanks to Dennis and her boys for sharing Debbie with her friends through the sale of her belongings. What a beautiful continuation of the way Debbie lived her life as they use the proceeds as a means to support MARKINC Ministries.

You can share in this special ever widening influence of Debbie Kahler by visiting the yard sale at Debbie’s home: 116 Clipper Drive, Middletown, Delaware, Saturday, August 19, starting at 8:00 a.m.

In His grip – with Debbie,


Listen to Debbie's Help and Hope interview.

Listen to Debbie's Help and Hope interview.

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