Beauty from Brokenness – One Light Still Shines

When tragedy turns your life upside down, how do you respond? When my life turned upside down, people ahead of me in their journeys modeled how to find beauty in the broken places. One of the privileges of my role in MARKINC Ministries is to get to know such people and share their stories with others who need the help and hope of someone further along life’s pathway.

Marie Monville, author of One Light Still Shines, is one of those people whose story of God’s faithfulness in the dark night of her soul needs to be shared again and again. Chuck and I met Marie when we interviewed her for a Help and Hope resource produced by MARKINC Ministries (scheduled for release May, 2018). Marie’s gentle spirit and stunning story of unspeakable agony inflicted on families by her then husband, led us to fall more in love with Jesus. We are so thrilled that Marie will share her story at our MARKINC Ministries Spring Benefit – Beauty from Brokenness.

Marie Monville2.jpg

Marie had no warning on a beautiful fall morning that her husband planned to take hostage an Amish School House. He murdered five little girls, wounded others, and then killed himself. Our nation rocked with horror from the massacre. Marie had to find a way to not only live with the horror of her husband’s actions, but also parent her young children. God’s supernatural grace led Marie each step of the way, and she shares stories of the remarkable forgiveness of the Amish community, and God’s very personal love. Marie says that God’s love is enough to heal any wound, strong enough to break all bondage, and that it brings life to the broken and light to those in darkness.

Join us on May 18 for this free event, where you will be encouraged and inspired to dig deep into your own relationship to Jesus.

Caitlin Jane, recording artist, will inspire guests as well with her original music and story of God’s providential care when she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

Can you think of someone who needs the help and hope of Jesus? Bring them with you and enjoy a night of inspiration followed by desserts and opportunities to win door prizes. Register for this free event at I hope to see many of you there!

Treasured by Him,