Can You Help?

The woman grabbed my hand and said, “I listen to every one of your Help and Hope interviews. I look forward to each topic. I’m in a good place right now, but these stories are filled with so much courage and faith, I feel like God is using them to equip me to help others who are hurting, but also for that time when I will go through a dark place. Thank you!”

We hear comments like these a lot and we’re grateful that the Lord continues to provide the finances to underwrite the cost of producing each one of our resources. As Chuck recently said, “Hurting people need help and hope, not an invoice.” 

People who believe in our goals and have been impacted by MARKINC regularly give so that we can continue to tackle topics like drug addiction, same sex attraction, adultery, terminal illness, depression, and so much more. Each of these resources is free, but let’s face it: Someone has to pay the bill to produce them.

Through our annual spring event, God moved people to give $130,000 toward our goal of $150,00. Wow! Just Wow!! Our dreams are big, and include expanding our resource offerings as well as starting a counseling center. Our team is tiny, but our dreams keep getting bigger! To help us reach our goal of $150,000, one of our supporters is giving a matching gift of $10,000. That means every dollar given this summer will be matched, dollar for dollar. No gift is too small. We know the Lord can move people to give this additional funding so that we can keep moving forward with resource production. We’re especially excited about the progress we are making on the counseling center. God is calling us to trust Him to provide through His people.

Can you help us reach this goal? Has God used MARKINC Ministries to help turn your heart toward Jesus; to encourage you to walk by faith in the pathway God has marked out for you?

If you have followed this Treasures of Encouragement blog for any length of time, you would have a hard time remembering when I have asked for money. I enjoy writing and I’m always blown away that anyone wants to read what I write! So asking readers for money never crossed my mind. But as I have been working on the Daily Treasure online devotional and scheduling Help and Hope interviews, I realized that my reluctance to make you aware of this need might be cheating someone of the blessing of giving to MARKINC.

Matching Campaign-2.png

So I invite you to prayerfully consider if the Lord wants you to help us reach this goal so that we can continue to move forward with these big dreams of offering help and hope to hurting people. The Lord has already given His people enough money to accomplish the work He plans for us to accomplish. His people just need to hear Him when He tells them it’s time to give some of that money to a specific ministry. We hope you are listening to His call, and if He is moving you to give to MARKINC, we pray you will obey that call.

Thank you in advance for your response! Please pray with us that God works another miracle and provides through His people once more

Treasured by Him,