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The woman sitting across the table from me glowed. Her eyes sparkled and her smile lit up her face. Though her story was one of terrible pain inflicted on her childrenand her by her ex spouse, the only time she wept was when she spoke of grace and God's mercy toward her. I was moved to my own tears when instead of condemning her unfaithful husband, she pointed out her own sinful nature and...

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Mark Sanford's Other Woman

Sin takes on different form in each of our lives but some sins wreak a horizontal havoc that is an ever widening circle of grief and destruction, especially behavior that betrays human trust and children's safety in their homes. Adultery is such a sin. This post is for women who are committing adultery or flirting with the possibilities. I have addressed…

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Old Flames and Facebook

This is a long post but it's such an important topic, I don't care! Please read it to the end. A news story crossing the airwaves on November 18, 2010...The Rev. Cedric A. Miller has had it with Facebook and what he says it is doing to couples coming to him for counseling. So he is giving his married church leaders until Sunday to get off the social-network website or resign their posts...

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