Facebook is Good But Face to Face is Really Better

I find myself in a familiar situation yet again. Recuperating from surgery, I'm relying on other people to help feed my family, get my kids to school, and clean my house. It is something I’ve done before.

This time, I have Facebook, and that has been a great thing. I feel like I am seeing people, I am definitely hearing from people, and I get to even “chat” with people.

But, this week I discovered first hand that face to face is just so much more special! Four of the five days this week someone visited me (besides my Mom!). They brought lunch or dinner, and sat to chat with me. Maybe for an hour, maybe for the afternoon, but each time was SO special. Their gift of time was even more precious, because each one has a life as busy or busier than mine.

Yet they chose to spend some of their priceless hours with me. Those hours spent looking at walls go much faster when you are able to visit with dear friends. Whether laughing at current life circumstances, or listening to what God is doing in their lives, every visit was unique to the person sharing their lives with me.

So, the next time you THINK about visiting or getting together with an old friend, whether they are recovering from surgery or not, DO it. Go for a walk together, or meet for coffee. Spend an hour together and limit it if you need to….but every once in a while, forget about Facebook, and get FACE to FACE! You’ll be glad you did.

Written By: Heidi Nequist