Anaymous from YouTube

"Brother, with every episode [of Ask Dr. Betters], you have managed to interpret scripture like I haven't been able to since 1986. It's been a long, hard fight. With this, you have brought me to joyful tears. Thank you. God bless always."

A comment from a YouTube listener

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Stephanie from New Jersey

Dear Dr. Betters,

I came across your radio version of "In His Grip" about four months ago, completely by chance, on 95.3 FM on my way into work...I want to let you know how much I feel that I have learned from this series and how comforting, inspiring, and motivating your sermons are...During my four or so months as a listener, I have heard you preach on a great variety of topics such as marriage, general respect or lack thereof in this modern world, how the world is changing, getting through painful times in your life (such as your early courtship with Sharon and the death of your son, Mark).  I agree with and enjoy learning from your words and conservative approach to preaching....I thank you for your ministry "In His Grip" and I will continue to be a huge fan, of another faith, in South Jersey.


Stephanie M. Taggart

Haddon Heights, NJ

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Message from Zenobia

"I prayed for the Lord to lead me to material for my new mentoree. Yesterday, I learned of her husband's adulterous relationships.  I've been surfing the web for resources for her. I see many that sound good, but then I'd see that they weren't, so on I'd move on. Then, boom!  I'm faced with the introductory message that Sharon wrote 5 years ago and this wonderful broadcast.  What a blessing this will be for my sister in Christ. Thank you so much for your continuum of open transparency."


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