First Responders: Wounded Healers

Over 300 firefighters lost their lives that awful day, and yet their fellow officers continued to risk their own lives to do their job. . .

The horrific terrorist attack on the Twin Towers of New York City, New York, on September 11, 2001, opened our eyes and hearts to the terrible price emergency personnel pay for being the first responders to tragedy. President Bush called these hidden heroes “Wounded Healers.” Are you one of those wounded healers? Do you live with a wounded healer? How do you handle the day to day stress of saving lives or perhaps arriving too late to rescue the broken? Do you struggle to keep your marriage strong? Are you trying to numb the pain with drugs, alcohol or illicit sex? Does anyone care about the struggle hidden by your stoicism? In this honest interview, two wounded healers share their own journeys with the goal of offering hope and encouragement to other EMT’s firefighters, and police officers – those often nameless heroes who answer the first call for help.

It’s our hope that their stories will help keep you keeping-on.