The Demons of War

The hidden wounds of war - those that wound the spirit - are addressed in this resource. Dr. Chuck Betters and his wife, Sharon, interview Captain Nate Self, the hero of the Battle on Robert's Ridge in Afghanistan. This gripping interview depicts a life and death struggle during a 15 hour battle where seven men lost their lives valiantly fighting on top of a snow covered mountain. As the interview weaves from the battlefield in Afghanistan to the battle against Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the devastation caused by war becomes vividly clear. The responses from Nate Self and the concluding words of Dr. Betters will inspire those who are dealing with, or those who know someone dealing with, the hidden wounds of war.

In Part Two, Dr. Chuck Betters and his wife, Sharon, probe the topic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They interview a registered nurse with the Department of Veterans Affairs, two veterans from the Vietnam War, and two veterans who have recently served in the War on Terror. These veterans respond with specific solutions and real answers that will surely benefit those struggling with the "Demons of War."