Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Speaking Hope


Autism. . . a term many are not familiar with. . .

In this one hour long interview, two sets of parents share how they learned their children had a form of autism, and how that diagnosis impacts their lives. The vulnerability and honesty of these two families will equip and encourage other parents as they navigate the foreign land of autism. Included in this interview is a conversation with a sixteen-year-old young man who has Asperger Syndrome. This is a profound and strong presentation that confronts questions such as:

  • How has having an autistic child affected your marriage or other children?

  • What did people say or do that wasn’t helpful?

  • What did people say or do that was helpful?

  • What about the church? What can church families do to help families with autistic children?

  • What would you as a father of an autistic son say to a father who has just learned his child has autism?

  • What would you as a mother say to another mother? And much more.

This interview will speak hope and help to families with autistic children. It will also help equip others to come alongside of these families and help them walk this pathway with hope.