When Your Future Turns Upside Down: A Conversation with Bryan Stoudt

Bryan and his wife say the diagnosis of severe autism for their son Matthew confronted them with the reality that the future they had planned would never come. In this conversation, Bryan touches on how he and his wife went into survival mode, how he initially thought they could “fix” his son, the spiritual struggles they experienced, and the impact their son Matthew had on their other children and their marriage.  Though their journey has been challenging, Bryan offers help and hope to anyone experiencing upheaval through circumstances beyond their control.

Bryan’s Biography


Bryan Stoudt is a pastor to healthcare students and professionals (with CMDA), a life coach, and a writer. After Jesus, his passions include his beautiful wife, Sharon, their four children, coffee, and running. He writes at bryanstoudt.com, where he offers a free course on preparing couples for marriage.