EP 166 How to Worship Part 3 Engaging God Biblically Part 3 06-29

When Sunday rolls around, do you casually arrive at church with no thought for the need to prepare your heart? Do you ask God to open your ears to His truth? What blessings might you be missing because your attitude toward corporate worship does not compel you to prepare for this opportunity to soak up strength from other believers and sense God’s presence in a different way? Psalm 25 and 95 showcase worship with calling people to sing praises to God, who is our Rock. But it also exhorts us to pay close attention to the Word preached. In too many churches there is little enthusiasm for expressing our praise to God through covenant singing or preparing to hear God’s Word. In this message Dr. Betters provides seven steps to help us prepare for worship that is genuine and transparent, worship that will help take us into deeper intimacy with our God.

Bill HughesComment