EP 181 A Dilemma And A Deliverer Part 1 88-69

For three and a half centuries since their entrance into Egypt, Israel enjoyed a peaceful, prosperous and settled life in the land of Goshen. But this prosperity came at a price they did not realize. Without knowing it, they were being tied to the Egyptian pagan religious system at the cost of their own faith. Like frogs in a kettle, through intermarriage with Egyptians and moral compromise, they were slowly choked by the oppression of a heathen system. But what does this have to do with us today? In this message Dr. Betters asks and answers the question, “How do God’s people live in a heathen society which appears to tolerate their religious convictions without being dramatically influenced, compromised, and then eventually conquered?” The message of Exodus is totally relevant for our culture today.

Bill HughesComment