EP 146 A Fractured Nation 12-67

We are nearing the end of the Dr. Betters’ series, Souls of Steel, Feet of Clay and sadly, we see the progressive deterioration of the nation of Israel. The parallels to today’s culture are uncanny. In Judges 17 -18, we see the deterioration of a biblical home and learn eight factors that will destroy biblical homes and churches. In Judges 19 - 21, we see how the corrupt moral influences of home and church create the near annihilation of the entire nation. In Judges 20 we learn of a horrific story about a Levite and his concubine - a story that is difficult to hear and even more difficult to comprehend. With each detail, the ominous cloud of destructive grows darker and broader. Dr. Betters takes a difficult passage and reveals grace even in the darkest details.

Bill HughesComment