Harlots & Heroines

Each woman in the genealogy of Jesus – Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary – faced insurmountable odds that would have disqualified her from most jobs in many churches. Yet emotional abuse, prostitution, murder, death, lies, widowhood, poverty and an out of wedlock pregnancy are scars that God redeems and transforms into glory on the pathway to the Incarnation – the birth of our Messiah. Where we might see darkness God reveals His faithful love. He majestically intervened into the lives of these women to ensure that our Messiah would come at precisely the right moment and into the exact family His Father had prepared. What seems to disqualify them from the genealogy of Jesus actually becomes the source of great hope for broken people.

Harlots and Heroines, The Midwives of the Messiah is a series about our spiritual mothers. They are waiting for us in heaven and as they wait, they call back, Dear Sons and Daughters, study our lives and you will see that God is sovereign and you can trust Him, too.

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