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Birth of the Body: Pentecost

The Book of Acts is the testimony and written record of the charter members of the Church as they took the first steps in the fulfillment of their marching orders. Through the writing of Luke, the Holy Spirit recorded for us the Birth of the Body. If you are a believer then you are part of that infant church with brothers and sisters the likes of Peter, James, John, Paul, Timothy, Titus, Priscilla, Apollos, Mary and that rag tag bunch of obedient soldiers who formed the backbone of the Body of Christ, the Church, where Jesus is our Head. 

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Doctrines of the Church

In this far reaching series, Dr. Betters unpacks the foundational doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ, starting with the importance of understanding the different names God uses to describe His people. Throughout the series he defines the gifts of the Spirit, how we can identify our own spiritual gifts, the freedom to wrestle with the Lord when life hurts, how our spiritual DNA shows up in our every day lives and the reasons for church discipline.

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