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"Our son was murdered by a jealous man about two years ago. He was our only son. We are still waiting for a trial. I am a leader in the Christian community and people expect my wife and me to stand strong in our faith but we can barely make it through a day without questioning why God would do this. We are desperate for help and willing to travel to meet with you. Please help us."(Some details changed.)

Does your heart ache for this family? They found us through the resources offered by MARKINC Ministries, perhaps through one of our books or Ask Dr. Betters videos or an In His Grip message. The fingerprints of our supporters are all over this story and your giving helps create a platform where we can offer the help and hope that only Jesus gives.

Over the past few weeks I’ve taken you behind the scenes of MARKINC Ministries to give you a feel for the work that goes into each one of our resources:

In each one, I’ve done something I have never done through the blog or Daily Treasure – I’ve asked you to help us continue to offer help and hope to hurting people by giving toward the $10,000 Matching Gift Campaign. You listened and responded! We are close to our goal! We extended the campaign by ten days because so many more supporters are joining this team and seeing the impact MARKINC is having in the lives of people around the world. Thank you so much!

Lee and Her Daughter, Sam

Lee and Her Daughter, Sam

Last week I introduced you to Lee and her daughter Sam.  

You read her story in her own words (From Bear to Africa Post), of how the Lord is using MARKINC to help Lee and her family find a way through the dark foreign land of grief. Lee’s story is multiplied more times than we know. Lee is in the first year of grief and I remember so well the excruciating pain and how I knew that if my heart did not beat on its own my body would just collapse. Oh how I needed someone ahead of me in the grief journey to call back that slowly but surely my heart would stop hemorrhaging as I held on to the truth that God is sovereign and I could trust Him. MARKINC Ministries has become that safe place for broken people like me to hear the message of Jesus. Whether their agony comes from the loss of a child, a broken marriage, depression, divorce, sex trafficking, loss of a spouse, long term illness, addiction, abuse, raising a child with special needs or something else – every MARKINC resource is designed to help turn hearts toward the comfort and peace of knowing Jesus.

But the Lord compels us to offer more in-depth help and hope. God is leading us to pursue the development of a brick and mortar counseling center that can be expanded into an online counseling platform. Oh my. Sometimes I feel like David might have felt when he came up against Goliath! This is a huge vision for our tiny team. Yet, though we are tiny, our God is mighty!

How wonderful if we could connect hurting people who reach out to us for help and hope to a counselor, to someone who can invest in them on a regular basis, encouraging them with scriptural truth that helps turn their hearts toward Jesus.

This is our next big goal. The funds raised through this Matching Gift campaign will help us pursue this big vision.

But there is more. Over the next year, Chuck will develop a daily audio devotional called Digging Deeper. We plan to produce audio books for Treasures of Encouragement and Treasures in Darkness. As we push toward these goals, we will not slow down in development of our Help & Hope audio library, Ask Dr. Betters videos or any other resource produced by MARKINC Ministries.

The response of many of you to this call for help encourages us that the Lord is up to something beautiful for MARKINC and we get to watch Him do it.

In my first blog on the Matching Gift I said that our team is tiny but mighty. I want to clarify that statement. Our team is tiny but OUR GOD IS MIGHTY! Through many of you He is doing something beyond us.

Next week I will update you on our progress toward the $10,000 Matching Gift goal. In the meantime, will you pray with us that the Lord continues to move His people to give generously? No gift is too small – or too big! Perhaps the Lord will not only move people to meet this goal but go far beyond it! Click here to donate now!

Thank you for the privilege of sharing our journey with you. Praying many more will respond to this call for help so that we can continue to offer hope!

Treasured by Him,


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