10 Ways to Become a Channel of God’s Compassion

As children of God, we have every tool we need to mend broken hearts and lives. So instead of isolating ourselves in a self- made cocoon of protection, we need to find out what those tools are, learn how to use them, and get to work.

When you see a need in someone’s life, don’t be overwhelmed by the scope and gravity of your friend’s circumstances. Reviving hope in hurting hearts begins with the small step of letting your friend know that you are thinking of her.

Here is a brief list of ten practical ways that you can become a channel of God’s compassion. All of these may not apply to your life stage, but why not see how many of these you can apply this week in your sphere of influence? Remember that the goal is to turn hearts towards Jesus Christ…

  1. Write a note or letter telling someone what you particularly value about her or him.
  2. Plan a family project that serves someone else.
  3. Send a note to your pastor. Tell why you appreciate his sermons or the worship service.
  4. Ask your parents to tell your children about their childhood.
  5. Write to a missionary regularly.
  6. Using scripture, write out a prayer for a hurting friend.
  7. Call home and leave a loving message on your answering machine for your spouse or another family member.
  8. Watch someone’s children on a Saturday so that the parents can spend the day together alone (or so that a single parent can have a day for themselves.)
  9. Wash your teenager’s car and fill up the gas tank.
  10. Do yard work for a shut-in as a family project.

May these ideas help you make abundant riches known in the name of Christ through biblical encouragement. Why not spend a few minutes thinking about other ways that you have encouraged others in the past. Then share them with us!

Written By: Sharon Betters