This all inclusive online retreat package is designed to make your retreat planning simple and inexpensive.  Whether you are organizing this event for your women’s ministry at church, Bible study group, or thinking about hosting a small group of women in your home, why reinvent the wheel? With your donation of any size, you will receive a variety of tools to make your next women’s event fun and life changing.

Sharon Betters, author of Treasures of Encouragement, will be your guest speaker via online videos that you can play on any computer, TV, or projector screen. No scheduling concerns or conflicts! You pick the date that works best for your group and start planning the fun. You can focus on creating an atmosphere for your women to connect and cultivate community, not only with each others, but also with Jesus. 

Your Treasures of Encouragement Retreat online resource kit includes:

  1. Access to 4 video sessions recorded live with a retreat audience.

    • Session 1 = 56:07

    • Session 2 = 46:37

    • Session 3 = 50:57

    • Session 4 = 59:51

  2. Video promos to use on your website or in your church

  3. Treasures of Encouragement Retreat Planning Guide which includes decorating and favor ideas, retreat outlines, small group discussion questions, Private Audience with God devotional suggestions, etc. Included are several options for using this material, i.e. one day retreat, two day retreat, three day retreat, or a four week Bible study.

  4. Treasures of Encouragement Journal PDF for you to print and give to participants

  5. Sample Brochure

  6. Sample Poster

  7. Sample Flyer

  8. Sample Post Card Invitation

Treasures of Encouragement Retreat 60 Second Promo
Treasures of Encouragement Retreat 80 Second Promo
Dr. Chuck F. Betters talks "Pastor to Pastor" about the Treasures of Encouragement Retreat

What Others Are Saying

From, Lisa, Bethel Church in Dallas, Texas:
We used the Treasures of Encouragement Retreat this past April. It was the first retreat for our church in five years. We were blessed by the user friendly nature of this resource. The planning guide was extremely helpful in keeping us on track. I would recommend this resource for anyone who wants to put together a retreat quickly, without a lot of planning, etc. It really is an all-inclusive kit. The retreat itself was wonderful. We had 29 women attend, which is a lot for our small church. The women were encouraged by the messages. We weren't sure how the video format would work, but it went very well. The small groups were what helped put flesh on the skeleton and gave the retreat a personal touch. This is a great option if you have very little time to plan a retreat or if you're trying to put together a retreat with a limited budget. We keep asking ourselves if we can find another all-inclusive online retreat for next year!

Another comment from a Bethel Church Retreat Attendee:
We held our retreat at a hotel in Las Colin, Dallas metroplex. The retreat was such a success, really saved us a lot of money and time. I sent all of our retreat information to a Wycliffe Bible Translator's wife in Germany so they can have a retreat, too. We are following up with Treasures of Encouragement Bible Study in the fall with our Wednesday evening and Thursday morning Bible studies.

And one more:
The online retreat is a great idea that we easily implemented. It has wonderful schedules, great ideas to encourage the attendees, and subject matter that is biblical and relevant. Each idea is tied to scriptural principles and underscored through the connecting questions which double-checked content and probed deeper to personal application. While not the same difficulties or sorrows, everyone can relate to pain and loss in their life and the need for the body to encourage each other through good and hard times.

From, Beverly, Hope Church, PCA, Moosic, PA:

We were very pleased with our retreat. We had a total of 17 women who participated over the 3 days. The women were excited and motivated by Sharon’s presentations…Even though this was our 6th retreat, many of the retreat materials helped us to change our routine up a bit. The past retreats have been with speakers present. We were concerned about using a video series but it was well received. Several women commented that they felt like Sharon was actually in the room with us…We loved the retreat so much, we were wondering if you were aware of any other retreat packets that are available similar to the Treasures of Encouragement Retreat?! We really liked the idea of the video format!