How Do I Reconcile The Wrongs I've Committed Against My Children?

In this episode Dr. Betters answers the question, "I have been a horrible person the majority of my life. I am now in my 60’s and am struggling with the mountain of guilt I am carrying. No one ever told me or taught me about Jesus, that is until 2 years ago while I was receiving chemo treatments every 2 weeks...a stranger, a beautiful, young mom also battling cancer shared the gospel with me and it has changed my life. I have accepted Jesus as my personal savior and I know He has forgiven me but I don’t know that my children (now in their 40’s) ever will for the pain I have caused them, the beatings I inflicted on them and the crushing words I spoke to them. I just wish I could go back and do it all so differently. The cancer is winning and I don’t have much time left. I spend most of my days praying but what if my children never forgive me?"