Hope In Uncertain Days: A Young Woman's Story Of Overcoming

A young woman, beginning to see her career as a recording artist start to take off, hears the diagnosis no young person ever expects: “You have an inoperable brain tumor.” Listen as Caitlin describes her battle to find a cure, and later, just when life seemed to be turning around, the news that shook her world once more.

Caitlin Jane’s story is a light in the darkness for all who face uncertain days, but especially young women and young men as they struggle with the challenges of walking by faith when life is turned upside down.

Caitlin’s response to a life-threatening medical diagnosis, disappointments, and to standing against the tide of cultural pressures is a remarkable and unique journey that will encourage other young people to realize that they have choices in the way they respond not only to typical teenage pressures, but life crises, and a culture that challenges their core values.
Caitlin’s story will “raise the bar” for young women who are struggling – in that they will realize they, too, can walk by faith when life seems to be a mess.

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