When Food Is The Enemy: Surviving A Life Threatening Eating Disorder

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What gets inside the head of a young girl who almost starves herself to death because when she looks into a mirror she sees a fat, ugly, lonely girl? In this special interview, "Rose" (alias), takes us inside the heart of a girl who “cannot remember a time when she wasn’t overweight and looked different from her thin and pretty friends." Rose states, "I could never wear the same style of clothes as them….I couldn’t borrow PJ’s for an impromptu sleepover, or a bathing suit for a spontaneous swim. I was hyper-aware of the space I took up in a car, and I was always too heavy for a piggyback ride. The small inconveniences turned into huge insecurities and I became consumed with how my weight made me different.”

This story will offer help and hope to those whose battle with food has taken up prime residence in their everyday world. Rose does not sugar coat her battle and admits that even now, she must practice strong disciplines in order to fight old habits.