EP 200 Forbidden Roads Part 1 89 - 29

Does God perform miracles today? What is the greatest miracle of today? God certainly performed miracles for the Israelites. How did He lay the groundwork and prepare the Israelites for those miracles? this message Dr. Betters unpacks the third principle of miracle preparation where he provides all that we need to live distinctive and holy lives on the edge of the desert. They were no match for the journey. God provided protection, power and purpose. Just as God provided everything the Israelites needed to journey through the desert for forty years, He provides all we need for our life journeys. Your spiritual desert might be a broken marriage, a terrifying medical diagnosis, a prodigal child. The Israelites are on the edge of the desert, close enough to turn back to Egypt. Choices had to be made, just as we must make choices in the way we respond to our own personal deserts. There is great hope as we will see in the journey of the Israelites.

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