EP 242 Around The Throne And Sealed Forever Pt 1 91 - 13

As noted in several of the previous messages in this series, the book of Revelation was not written in chronological order and must not be read and understood as such.  It must be read and understood as seven parallel and progressive sections. Each of the seven sections tells the story of the events between the first and second coming of Christ in a progressive style that provides more detail, intensity, symbolism, and application. The first parallel progressive section covers chapters 1-3 and speaks of the Holy Spirit who dwells among the churches.  The Holy Spirit speaks, prods, and challenges the churches. We see the revealed Christ in chapter 1 and in chapters 2 and 3 there are specific messages to the congregations in Asia Minor that were representative of congregations throughout the age of the church. In this message, Dr. Betters begins the study of the second parallel section which covers chapters 4-7 and opens with John’s glorious vision surrounding the throne of God.

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