EP 241 Nauseating Christians 91 - 11

The letter to the church at Laodicea from Christ is the seventh and the last of the letters to the churches in Asia Minor.  There was not one word of praise or commendation in this letter. The congregation was half-hearted, materialistic, given to temptation, and compromised the truth.  They were rich in wealth and material goods but poor in spirit. The majority of the body of this congregation was not even saved. This church was nauseating to Christ.  What was so tragic about this church was that they did not even know it. Is that possible? Yes! And sadly the state of this church is representative of some churches today.  Accordingly, it should not alarm you that many who attend churches today are lost and don’t know it. The rebuke of Christ in this letter to the Laodiceans is designed to get their attention and change their hearts.  Listen in as Dr. Betters traces the impact of the history and geography of Laodicea on the church there and ways to discern if your heart is making Christ nauseous.

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