Law Enforcement - The Families Behind the Badge

The headlines scream the stunning news far too often: Officer killed in the line of duty. What happens to the families of these brave men and women? How long do they search for the whys, why did this happen to us? To our loved one? Why would God let this happen? What about law enforcement families who lose their loved one in an off-duty death? In this interview, produced by MARKINC Ministries, Dr. Chuck and Sharon Betters ask these questions and more of two adults who were children when their law enforcement dad and his partner were killed by gunfire outside of their police station. Along with their transparent answers, you will also hear from the sister of a law enforcement officer whose off-duty death showed her the unique grief and loss of a law enforcement family, no matter the cause of death. We are confident this transparent and practical interview will not only encourage law enforcement families but will help those who love them better understand their grief journey.