Same-Sex Attraction: A Woman’s Perspective


Our western culture encourages us to embrace and encourage same-sex attraction as normal, appropriate and just as “right” as any other sexual relationship. But is it?

In this transparent interview, Sharon Betters talks with Donna and her Harvest USA counselor, Ellen Dykas about Donna’s struggles with same-sex attraction. Donna transparently shares that prior to marriage she had some inappropriate relationships with other woman that were sexual in nature. In college her relationship with the athletic director led her to other inappropriate friendships, but ultimately ended in extreme guilt and feeling trapped. She says that as a married woman, she found herself having “wrong feelings” for a couple of women. Donna’s story is universal and her transparent story will help college students and any woman with similar struggles.

Like all of our Help and Hope resources, this interview goes beyond a discussion of the life crises and digs deep into how each of us can grow in our own walk of faith as we process and face the challenges of living by grace in our messy world.

Recommended Resources

For more about same-sex attraction, MAKRINC recommends:

  • Harvest USA’s is a ministry whose purpose is to bring the truth and mercy of Jesus Christ to help men, women and families affected by sexual struggles and sin. This website has many resources for those struggling with same sex attractions.
  • The book Sexual Sanity for Women: