The Thin Blue Line and Marriage

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Every time they leave for work, they pray they will return home safe and sound. Their spouses have had to learn how to live with the constant possibility that a gunshot will destroy their family. Police officers are a special breed of men and women who go toward danger in order to protect their community. How do a husband and wife build a marriage when there is a constant tension of uncertainty and low grade fear? Joe and Candice Racite speak frankly about their own struggles as a law enforcement family, acknowledging how the work of law enforcement affects almost every area of life as well as their relationships to family and friends. They speak with candor about the challenge to keep their marriage fresh, learning to recognize when fights escalate  because of underlying job related fears and frustrations, and how they protect their marriage from temptation.  Let Joe and Candice help guide you through the minefields of marriage as a law enforcement family.