Breast Cancer – My Journey

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Lisa Kowal heard the diagnosis of breast cancer and recognized she was about to begin a hard journey into the scary land of Cancer. In this conversation with Sharon Betters, also a breast cancer survivor, Lisa shares her journey in a way that will help equip those coming behind her to face this enemy with strength. Lisa and Sharon talk about some of the practical things they did to minimize the power of cancer in their lives as well as some tips for dealing with the after affects of treatment.  Have you just heard those words, “You have breast cancer?” or do you know someone who is fighting cancer right now? This conversation is for you.

Lisa Kowal’s Biography

Lisa Kowal’s love for her family, not just her husband and four daughters, but her parents and siblings shows up when asked to describe her life: “I’m happily married with four daughters. I was raised as the youngest of four children in a loving home with parents who were married for forty-two years until my mother passed away. Oh and yes, I’m an Engineering Designer!”

Though Lisa has experienced rough roads, anyone who spends even a little time with her recognizes that from somewhere deep within flows a joy that is contagious.

Shortly after her last treatment for breast cancer, Lisa started volunteering with organizations that are helping find a cure for breast cancer. This interview is one way she hopes to offer help and hope to women coming behind her in their own breast cancer journey.

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