Surviving A Tsunami of Grief: A Conversation with Andrea Maher

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Remember playing in the sand, your back to the ocean, oblivious of the huge waves heading toward you? Suddenly, a mountain of raging water crashes over your body, and  slams you body into the sand. Before you can catch a breath, another huge wave pulls you out to sea and into a rip tide. Similarly, Andrea Maher experienced tumultuous life events that threatened to pull her under a raging ocean of grief, shattered dreams, and hopelessness. Her oldest son’s battle with drug addiction ended when drug induced hypothermia took his life. Several years later, her youngest son made a decision that would forever change his life and resulted in imprisonment. How does a mother not just survive, but find hope and joy when a tsunami of grief repeatedly slams her deeper into an abyss of sorrow? In this transparent conversation, Andrea shares her story as a means of offering help and hope to others slammed by life, who are holding on by just their fingernails. There is hope.

Andrea Maher's Bio


Andrea Maher, author of Slammed, Overcoming Tragedy in the Wave of Grief is the former editor-in-chief of PARENT ABC's, a monthly magazine dedicated to helping parents navigate the everyday concerns of family life. Andrea is the author of SlammedHer column, "Family Matters," has been featured regularly in local newspapers and parenting publications nationwide. She is the co-author of What's Up With That?, a booklet written for the Peer Challenge Program, an abstinence curriculum funded by the Department of Health and Senior Services. She is the executive director of the Be Still Foundation--developing educational programs that advocate responsible decision-making for the prevention of risky behaviors and providing strategies to overcome adversity. Andrea has been married to her husband, John, for 38 years. They are the parents of four sons, and enjoy their six grandchildren in Cape May, NJ, where they reside.


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