Breaking the Chains of Sexual Abuse: A Conversation with Tom Stewart

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Sexual Abuse of Children – You’ve heard the news stories and read the headlines. Each word drives a sword deeper into the hearts of those who love and seek to protect their children from such danger. Tom Stewart experienced a decade of sexual abuse throughout his childhood by his Scout leader. His story is not easy to hear, but needed, as he pulls back the shades hiding decades of horrific sexual abuse in a highly respected organization: The Boy Scouts of America. In this transparent interview, Tom not only shares his story, but also helps equip listeners to see the signs of abuse, the pathway to healing from abuse, and the enormous battle that sexual abuse causes in the heart of a child, a struggle which often continues into adulthood. Through Tom’s sometimes painfully honest words, other victims of abuse will hear a resounding declaration of help and hope, no matter how shattered they are by the actions of another.

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Tom shares the whole story in his book Secret Knots – Bound by the Enemy, which will be released Summer 2018.