When Life Unravels and It’s Good

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Rachel’s Craddock’s mother died after a long battle with breast cancer. Rachel was fourteen years old. Sharon Betters and Melissa Weisenfels ask Rachel some hard questions not just about her mother’s death but also her own decision to have a double radical mastectomy after she learned she had a high chance of getting the same kind of cancer as her mother. Rachel holds nothing back as she talks about how unraveling deep issues in her heart, though painful at the time, ended up as good. Rachel is the author of Slowly Unraveled, Changed from the Inside Out, and in this conversation she explains how the Gospel not only unraveled her grief but slowly unraveled communication and conflict in her marriage, her view of parenting and much more.

More about Rachel’s Craddock

Rachel Craddockis a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University (05’ B.A. Education) and a first-grade teacher at heart. 

Rachel has been in the PCA since she became a Christian through the ministry of Campus Outreach during her time at Eastern Kentucky University. She has served in children’s, youth, and women’s ministries in the local churches she has attended over the years. Rachel currently serves as the Women’s Ministry Coordinator at North Cincinnati Community Church, is a writer and speaker, and serves as CDM’s Regional Advisor of Women’s Ministry to Mid America. She writes on her blog and speaks at women’s events and retreats out of a desire to encourage women in a relatable way to practically apply the gospel to their daily lives.

Slowly Unraveled: Changed from the Inside Out was written from a heart that desires women to embrace the freedom of the gospel as well as encourage women to cling closely to a daily lifestyle of repentance, faith, and obedience. The gospel doesn’t require perfection, but it does require relationship with a God who unravels the old and makes us new in the redemptive blood of Jesus.

When not busy serving in her community as a substitute teacher in the public schools or parenting her four fun children Ezra (10), Asher (8), Caleb (7), and Lydia Jane (5), Rachel enjoys reading, dark roast coffee, trail running, traveling, date nights, and blogging. She and her family are members of North Cincinnati Community Church in Mason, Ohio where her husband serves as lead pastor. 

You can connect with Rachel on FacebookTwitter, Instagram or on her blog, rachelcraddock.com.