An Unexpected Twist in Life

A Conversation with Erin Kauffman

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Twenty-nine year old Erin Kauffman was enjoying the fruit of years of education and working. She loved her newly purchased home and bought a new car that she could load up with equipment when traveling to school sponsored music events. Erin filled her time with work, music, friends and ministry. Then the unthinkable happened. A driver fell asleep at the wheel and at sixty miles per hour slammed head first into Erin’s car. In this moving conversation with Sharon Betters, Erin describes the devastation of realizing the bottom half of her body was crushed, the long rehab, and how this accident changed the direction of her life. Though Erin continues to struggle with long term pain and acknowledges that her medical care is like a part time job, she offers hope to anyone in similar circumstances. Erin’s story also will inspire listeners to trust that when everything feels impossible, that’s when we can see the Lord’s grace and strength in ways we never imagined possible.

Erin Kauffman Biography

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Erin Kauffman lives in Baltimore, MD and works in urban ministry and community development.  She currently is program manager of education services with Pen Lucy Action Network, a non-profit community development organization that was birthed 20 years ago from the mission and vision of Faith Christian Fellowship in Baltimore, MD.  Erin is a former music educator of 12 years and teaches private voice lessons in her spare time.  Erin is enthusiastic about travel and being an aunt to many precious children in her life.