EP 214 Molech Revisited 89 - 46

Is there more than one way to heaven? Do we believe what the Bible says about salvation, that there is only one way to Heaven? How do we know for sure that the Bible’s way of salvation is true? No matter what your religion, it requires faith. The Christian’s faith is rooted in the Bible alone, not the Koran, the Watchtower publications, the writings of the Hindu faith, or any other writings. We do not believe in a salvation by works. By faith, we trust the way of God’s Word, that He alone is God. Once more, Dr. Betters takes us to the Book of Deuteronomy to unpack what it means to trust and worship God alone and better understanding what idols we might be embracing that exist in our own cultures. God warned the Israelites not to engage in witchcraft or occult practices, declaring that anyone who did these things was detestable to the Lord. God calls on His people to holiness. The worship of Molech is atheistic and worships man as the center of the world, not God. God’s Word warns us to recognize that such worship seems harmless but a part of Satan’s strategy to destroy the people of Jesus. Molech worship lives today. Once more, we know that such holiness is impossible and we need Jesus.

Bill HughesComment