EP 234 What Will Your Kids Think About The Church 90 - 97

If at the end of your life you were able to travel back in time and visit yourself much earlier in life, what would you tell yourself?  What commendation or encouragement would you give? What warning or exhortation would you stress? What essential wisdom or knowledge would you emphatically share?  Much of scripture serves this purpose to a degree. Scripture is not some type of dusty account of history. Likewise, Christ’s seven letters to the seven churches are timeless.  These letters are important messages for the church today as much as they were for each church then. However, don’t make the mistake to think these letters are written to the church as a whole without any direct personal application.  Dr. Betters continues in the study of the first letter to the church at Ephesus and digs into the significance not only to the church today but also to you and me.

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