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An Email from Julie

"Hi Sharon, I just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know that it helped me. I am 9 months into my grief journey. My precious 24-year old son went home to be with the Lord in February. I gleaned several precious gems of perspective from your book. A big one is that my son, Kyle, is not being left behind, but he has gone on ahead. Thank you for writing the book."

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Rich from Maryland

"Sharon, excellent job today [at the women's conference]! You are truly a gifted teacher. I know I was not your intended audience (being a man) but as one who has lost two brothers in their 30s (both to drug overdoses) I have to tell you... losing a limb is preferable to losing a family member. I will pray for the success of your ministry."

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Email from Dolores

"I am delighted to have found your website. God used your book, Treasures of Encouragement to help us begin an encouragement Group at our church. We had a tragedy happen to one of the ladies in our church and this study helped equip us to encourage her. We began our group about 4 years ago, and God has seen fit to use us to bless others. Thanks for allowing God to use your sufferings to comfort others."

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