Vietnam: We Remember

Why This Resource?

Please enjoy this video about why we created the Viet Nam resources. 

  • Total American Lives Lost in Vietnam: 58,253

  • As of 1973 Missing In Action and Prisoners of War: 2, 646

  • As of 2010 – 1,698 MIA/POW are Still Unaccounted For

  • The average infantry saw 240 days of combat in one year

  • The average age of a G.I. in ‘Nam was 19 years

These are startling statistics, aren’t they? They aren’t just numbers. Each one represents a man or woman and their families who have lived with the consequences of unresolved stress and anguish over the excruciating sacrifice our country made for a war America did not win.

This resource will not only help veterans, but it will also give their families and friends a better understanding of how Vietnam has impacted their loved one’s life.