Stillbirth: From Empty Arms to Hope and Healing

From Empty Arms to Hope and Healing

Days away from the joy of holding their first child, Bill and Michelle felt their world crumbling as the doctor’s words settled into their souls, “There is no heartbeat.” Justin and Carrie were looking forward to welcoming their second child into their home when their doctor gave them the same horrific news. Two couples and two responses to loss that seems almost impossible to bear. Bill and Michele McConomy take us back eighteen years to the still birth of their first born, Joshua. Carrie and Justin D’Antuono give us a glimpse into their very recent struggles to find a new normal after the still birth of their daughter, Isabella. In these two moving interviews, you will hear their transparent stories of loss, disappointment, and how the still births of their children impacted their marriages as well as their own life journeys. But their stories don’t end with despair. Whether your loss is recent, or in the past, like Bill and Michelle’s, we are confident these stories will offer help and hope as you long for that missing child. Whether you are a parent trying to make sense of the loss of your child, or a friend or family member struggling to understand this grief and how to help, these moving and transparent interviews offer help and hope.

In His Grip, Dr. Chuck and Sharon Betters

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