Adoption: Acknowledging the Primal Wound

Well meaning people sometimes exhort adopted children to be thankful for the many privileges they have as a result of having a “forever family.” This resource encourages that gratitude, but also acknowledges coexisting with a grateful heart is often a broken heart, a result of feeling abandoned by their birth parents. In keeping with our goal to produce and distribute resources that address life crises that are difficult to discuss, as well as how to help those experiencing them, we are grateful to offer this compelling interview that is designed to equip adoptive parents and adopted children to better understand the “primal wound” that some adopted children experience. In this candid interview, Dan and Laura Betters share their thoughts and plans for helping their adopted daughter process the grief and disappointment she might experience as she better understands adoption. Lisa Adams-Reese, a seasoned adoptive mother and woman who helps place adopted children with their families, offers her own experiences and wisdom that will free parents to intentionally develop an honest, safe place for their children to express any sorrow, anxiety, or feelings of abandonment. We know you will be encouraged and inspired by their stories.