Miscarriage: Deeply Traumatic, Tragically Common

A conversation with Jessalyn Hutto

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The fear of miscarriage is one of the biggest fears of a pregnant woman. Jessalyn Hutto, author of Inheritance of Tears, When Death Enters the Womb knows not only this fear but the reality of miscarriage and the accompanying grief. In this conversation with Sharon Betters, Jessalyn brings hope to women who grieve the loss of their children through miscarriage. She offers a priceless gift to those women coming behind her who have experienced such deep loss. Jessalyn reminds listeners that Jesus cares very deeply about every child who is lost to miscarriage and He cares very deeply about every mother who is deprived of that life.

Jessalyn Hutto’s Biography


Jessalyn Hutto is the author of Inheritance of Tears: Trusting the Lord of Life when Death Visits the Womb, a book that seeks to provide a theological framework for the suffering a woman experiences during and after a miscarriage. She lives near Houston, Texas where she serves alongside her husband in his ministry as a church planter. They are blessed to have four young children: Elliot, Hudson, Owen, and Roseveare. You can visit her website at JHutto.com.