EP 237 Satan's Deep Dark Secrets 91 - 01

How do we as Christians live in the world without drifting?  How do we keep Christ front and center in our lives when immersed in a culture that would lead us astray?  How do we discern the black and white areas of Christ-focused living as well as the gray areas without falling into legalism or compromising the standards of what we believe as Christians?  These are the same questions and struggles that the church at Thyatira faced and faltered. This church abounded in many great works but the praise was overshadowed by Christ’s dire rebuke and warning to them.  In this message Dr. Better examines the demographics and historical context of ancient Thyatira to uncover some of the factors behind the root problems that negatively impacted the church there. As with the other letters, the warning from Christ in this fourth letter is just as relevant to the church and individual believer today.

Bill HughesComment