EP 236 The Church Lax In Discipline 90 - 101

In this sermon, Dr. Betters examines the third letter from Christ to the church at Pergamos. The city of Pergamos was considered the seat of authority and power in the province of Asia and labeled by Christ as the seat of Satan’s throne. The church at Pergamos was established right in the center of Satan’s power base. So did this church fail under the extreme pressure of trial and persecution? No! The church at Pergamos triumphed and stood strong even at the cost of martyrdom. Satan knows that sometimes a full frontal assault can cause us to rise up, lock shields, and keep the faith stronger than ever. As we fight the good fight on one front with blood, sweat, and tears, we must be ever vigilant in the ever so subtle but deadly tactics of Satan on another front. Tune in as Dr. Betters traces the failure in the church at Pergamos and the wake-up call for you, me, and the church today…if it’s not too late!

Bill HughesComment